Sarah Kudirka

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51cm square abstract painting by Sarah Kudirka, purple-orange background and swirling mesmeric shell-like forms with paint marks that include atomic dots, squiggles, and fine lines

The atoms of you

You Are Here

Threading Over The Ocean, Over The Sea




City Skies Berlin #72

City Skies Sydney #11

City Skies Sydney #3

City Skies Sydney #4

Have.Live.Do.Become (I, II, III, IV)

City Skies Hong Kong #55 (IFC)

For Sweeties

Pinks – City Skies London triptych

When Did you Last Look Up? – City Skies London triptych

Mustard – City Skies London triptych

Sydney, nothing but blue sky

Words You Cannot Read I

I Love This City (even more when the sky is blue) Glasgow

City Skies Hong Kong #56

Red Orange Purple

Teal Orange Purple

HiddenLaneColours #64 #63

HiddenLaneColours #51

Inventory Landscape 2009, Paintings, Sarah Kudirka Davenport

Inventory Landscape