Sarah Kudirka

Across Oceans

This series (which I began in late 2021) is about shapes and edges of things such as shells and beach pebbles, seed pods, the soft movement of water around rocks – loosely derived from drawings made on Scotland’s coasts and western isles.

These paintings sing of days on beaches collecting shells and beach pebbles, rocks and seed pods. They also whisper of the age-old movement of people using boats to cross oceans and reaching new shores, hopefully to thrive.


Calming large oil painting by artist Sarah Kudirka. Predominantly pale blue-green background and shell-like forms, large vertical composition with points of contact between the semi-abstract shapes

Some you hold close, others push away

You Are Here

Threading Over The Ocean, Over The Sea




Flag for playing in sand dunes (a bowl:a boat)

Across Oceans (The Big Blue)

Across Oceans

Shell-Like (Deep Blue)

Rest and Be Thankful, oil paintings diptych by Sarah Kudirka, award winning contemporary artist

Rest and Be Thankful

Waves Weave