Sarah Kudirka

Abstract Colours

Concentrated oil sketches painted over instant film – Polaroids and Instax. They are full of happy energy. I am quite literal, choosing that a gorgeous pink can sit beside a rich orange and remain simply colours next to others.

The first series took its name Hidden Lane Colours from the location of my first wee Glasgow studio. I continue to make these alongside larger paintings, now mostly under the series title Colours and Sounds. They are made over recycled instant film often donated by my photographer friends.


Sunshine Seeds and Lemon Zest

Colours and Sounds

Across Oceans (The Big Blue)

Have.Live.Do.Become (I, II, III, IV)

HiddenLaneColours 19.20 diptych



Happily So

For Sweeties

OrangePink series

Hidden Lane Colours #43

Hidden Lane Colours #44

Hidden Lane Colours #81

Rest and Be Thankful, oil paintings diptych by Sarah Kudirka, award winning contemporary artist

Rest and Be Thankful

Waves Weave

Magenta Wides


HiddenLaneColours #48

Hidden Lane Colours 72, 73, 74

HiddenLaneColours #112

HiddenLaneColours #111

HiddenLaneColours #64 #63

HiddenLaneColours #51

oil on instax abstracts by Sarah Kudirka, artist, mounted in four line grid on white wall

Hidden Lane Colours

Back to the City

Flag for the wind and the rain (a warm embrace and loving words)