Sarah Kudirka


Recent drawings in ink on paper feature repeated organic shapes akin to the stones in a wall or the stitches in a loosely-woven fabric. They all have titled that are about how we as people are the same but different and need to make room for one another. I began making drawings like this when trying to find a little space each day to make something and find beauty in the constant repetition involved in caring for our young baby. I have come to think of them as being also symbolic of the everyday actions we can take to be anti-racist.

Earlier drawings (a few also shown) were more highly-worked images in pencil on heavy paper, often focused on furniture and decorative/domestic object motifs.


Standing together, staying ourselves

Dropping stitches and catching on

No overlaps and no connections

Leave room for others to stand

We are all beautiful bubbles (and would pop without each other)

We’re all so special

Connected together (and respecting each other is better, way better)

Shapes and edges

Repetition Drawings

Furniture 2005, Drawings


Conference 1, 2005, Drawings

Conference 1

Architecture 2005

Architecture 2005