Sarah Kudirka

Hidden Lane Colours

This series took its name Hidden Lane Colours from the place I had my last studio in Finnieston, Glasgow. Concentrated oil sketches paintings on instant film exposures mainly taken and rejected by others – on Polaroid and Instax. They intrigue me, as they are not at all easy to paint, although quite tiny.

I continue to make them and fill them with happy bright energy. Many are still available to buy, do tell me which are your favourites.

Hidden Lane Colours #43

Hidden Lane Colours #44

Hidden Lane Colours #81

Magenta Wides

HiddenLaneColours 19.20 diptych

HiddenLaneColours #48

OrangePink series

HiddenLaneColours #112

HiddenLaneColours #111

HiddenLaneColours #64 #63

HiddenLaneColours #51

oil on instax abstracts by Sarah Kudirka, artist, mounted in four line grid on white wall

Hidden Lane Colours