Sarah Kudirka

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Flag for playing in sand dunes (a bowl:a boat)

Across Oceans (The Big Blue)


Connected together (and respecting each other is better, way better)

For Sweeties

General (Selling Colours to Pinochet)

Furniture 2005, Drawings


Conference 1, 2005, Drawings

Conference 1

Witness (Beslan Tryptich), 2005

Witness (Beslan) triptych

Sarah Davenport, Archipelago, oil and ink on canvas, 85x195cm, 2010


Magenta Wides

Words You Cannot Read I



Rest and Be Thankful, oil paintings diptych by Sarah Kudirka, award winning contemporary artist

Rest and Be Thankful

Dialogue (Post-colonial)

Block (Post-colonial)

Machine (Post-Colonial)

Reliquaries 1

Reliquaries I

Reliquaries II

oil on instax abstracts by Sarah Kudirka, artist, mounted in four line grid on white wall

Hidden Lane Colours

Good, painting, 2008


Sarah Davenport, Inventory I, oil and ink on canvas, 61x91.5cm, 2009

Inventory I

Sarah Davenport, Collective, oil and ink on canvas, 85x195.5cm, 2010