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What we take with us and who we leave behind

Sunshine Seeds and Lemon Zest

Threading Over The Ocean, Over The Sea

Across Oceans (The Big Blue)

Shell-Like (Deep Blue)

City Skies Edinburgh #2

City Skies Edinburgh #3

City Skies Edinburgh #10

City Skies Edinburgh #13

City Skies Edinburgh #6

Shapes and edges

Standing together, staying ourselves

We are all beautiful bubbles (and would pop without each other)

We’re all so special

City Skies Berlin #52

City Skies Sydney #13

City Skies Glasgow #17

City Skies Glasgow #2

Glasgow DeepRichBlueSkies

Sarah Davenport, Untitled, oil and ink on canvas, 50x100cm, 2009


Words you Cannot Read II

Pinks – City Skies London triptych

Lamps – City Skies London triptych

Back to the City

100 Glasgow Blue Skies

Green – City Skies London

When Did you Last Look Up? – City Skies London triptych

West End triptych, Glasgow City Skies

Mustard – City Skies London triptych

Sydney, nothing but blue sky

Sarah Davenport, Archipelago, oil and ink on canvas, 85x195cm, 2010


Words You Cannot Read I

unframed City Skies paint + pencil on Polaroid image by Sarah Kudirka

London City Sky Block + Blue

HiddenLaneColours 19.20 diptych

HiddenLaneColours #48

Paradise Row


Glasgow polaroids

Rest and Be Thankful, oil paintings diptych by Sarah Kudirka, award winning contemporary artist

Rest and Be Thankful

Reliquaries 1

Reliquaries I

Reliquaries II

HiddenLaneColours #112

HiddenLaneColours #51

Inventory Landscape 2009, Paintings, Sarah Kudirka Davenport

Inventory Landscape