Sarah Kudirka

Recent Series

A bowl a boat: paintings using bowl &/or boat-like motifs painted on linen panels and instant film, a series rooted in human compassion and empathy

Across Oceans: shell-like finely wrought paintings drawing inspiration from shells, seed pods, the movement of water and small boats across oceans

Abstract Colours: concentrated and colourful brushstroke oil sketches first painted over instantfilm snaps and latterly onto canvases too

Trashed Canvases: works that reengage with previously-made surfaces, removing paint layers, scratching, scraping and adding more until resolved


City Skies Glasgow #2

City Skies Glasgow #1

City Skies Hong Kong #55 (IFC)

Glasgow DeepRichBlueSkies

For Sweeties

Words you Cannot Read II

Flag for the wind and the rain (a warm embrace and loving words)


Furniture 2005, Drawings


Conference 1, 2005, Drawings

Conference 1

Pinks – City Skies London triptych

Lamps – City Skies London triptych

Back to the City

100 Glasgow Blue Skies

Green – City Skies London

When Did you Last Look Up? – City Skies London triptych

West End triptych, Glasgow City Skies

Mustard – City Skies London triptych

Sydney, nothing but blue sky

Saffron – London City Skies

Glasgow City Skies

Magenta Wides

Words You Cannot Read I

unframed City Skies paint + pencil on Polaroid image by Sarah Kudirka

London City Sky Block + Blue

2 City Skies unframed paint on polaroid images by Sarah Kudirka

Oranges & Lemons – City Skies London (pair)

HiddenLaneColours 19.20 diptych

I Love This City – Hong Kong

I Love This City – London

I Love This City (even more when the sky is blue) Glasgow


City Skies Hong Kong #56

London, Pudding Mill Lane

Red Orange Purple

Teal Orange Purple

Magenta Wide

HiddenLaneColours #48

Paradise Row

Repetition Drawings

OrangePink series

One Day in Shoreditch print

One Day in Shoreditch (I met my love)

City Skies Edinburgh

City Skies Dundee

Berlin City Skies series of 81 paint + pencil over Polaroid images

City Skies Berlin series

Glasgow polaroids

Rest and Be Thankful, oil paintings diptych by Sarah Kudirka, award winning contemporary artist

Rest and Be Thankful

Waves Weave

Dialogue (Post-colonial)

Block (Post-colonial)

Machine (Post-Colonial)

HiddenLaneColours #112

HiddenLaneColours #111

HiddenLaneColours #64 #63

HiddenLaneColours #51

oil on instax abstracts by Sarah Kudirka, artist, mounted in four line grid on white wall

Hidden Lane Colours

City Skies, 8 paintings on polaroids by artist Sarah Kudirka

City Skies London – Fringes

oil paintings on polaroids by Sarah Kudirka

City Skies London – Sunshine

City Skies London – Square Mile

City Skies 16 painted images in grid

City Skies London – East

Architecture 2005

Architecture 2005