Sarah Kudirka


K U D I R K A : an artist-led space in a grand front room in the West End of Glasgow

Plans include one exhibition a year, commencing June 2024 with Lift Others Up

We aim for K U D I R K A to develop into a ’sometimes’ space used in different ways for contemporary arts and music – perhaps it may be a space for discussions, recitals, workshops, screenings, performance and other art-related events.

All those who visit will be guests in our home. This is neither a commercial enterprise nor a gallery as such, but intended as a generous use of a ground-floor room in our high-ceilinged period house.

We see it as a having the potential to help others and generate new connections between the Scottish arts and Nordic/Baltic/European/International artists and musicians. We hope to be able to run this project for the next few years.

To enrich the arts in Glasgow and help us to make new connections with and beyond Nordic / Baltic / Northern European arts and music, contemporary artist and musician friends will be invited to show with us or to stay a wee while. An artist’s sojourn here at K U D I R K A will provide a place in our home to stay a wee while with no outcome expected but to think, play, talk, develop ideas and make new connections.

PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT accept applications and cannot offer bursaries or funding.

* Kudirka is simply our family name. It is of Lithuanian origin and is shared with a celebrated dissident poet of that country.

Please follow us on instagram @KUDIRKA_onkelvinside for updates 

photo of the front path, with steps up to K U D I R K A artist-led space in the west end of Glasgow

If you want to come and see an exhibition or attend an event please note we will only be open to visitors by appointment or on advertised open days. We do not have ramps and our space is on the ground floor of a period building up two short flights of steps from the street, as seen on the photograph shown above.

If you want to get involved please follow us on Instagram and come to our events as advertised. Do let us know if you’d like to be invited to future events, using the Contact page. NB We will not acknowledge unsolicited applications for exhibitions or sojourns.