Sarah Kudirka


The art I make is focused on the shapes and edges of stuff, things I am fascinated by including buildings, furniture, shells and domestic objects.
My work is distinctively low-tech and characterised by obliterated, incised, scraped and layered paint surfaces, often painted over Polaroids.

Part of my childhood was spent in East Africa, and my work is still informed by visiting a dig site where the earliest human remains had been found in the ’70s. It left me with the positive idea that we are outlived by things; the ordinary belongings we use, choose, make and inherit or pass on that link us to place, time and culture.

Green – City Skies London

Mustard – City Skies London triptych

When Did you Last Look Up? – City Skies London triptych

Sarah Davenport, Untitled, oil and ink on canvas, 50x100cm, 2009


Back to the City

Glasgow City Skies

Connected together (and respecting each other is better, way better)



Conference 1, 2005, Drawings

Conference 1


unframed City Skies paint + pencil on Polaroid image by Sarah Kudirka

London City Sky Block + Blue

2 City Skies unframed paint on polaroid images by Sarah Kudirka

Oranges & Lemons – City Skies London (pair)

Saffron – London City Skies

Teal Orange Purple

HiddenLaneColours 19.20 diptych

HiddenLaneColours #48

Red Orange Purple

Words You Cannot Read I

Magenta Wides


OrangePink series

London, Pudding Mill Lane

Paradise Row

One Day in Shoreditch print

One Day in Shoreditch (I met my love)

Magenta Wide

Sarah Davenport, Archipelago, oil and ink on canvas, 85x195cm, 2010


Witness (Beslan Tryptich), 2005

Witness (Beslan) triptych



Furniture 2005, Drawings


Repetition Drawings

City Skies Edinburgh

City Skies Dundee

Berlin City Skies series of 81 paint + pencil over Polaroid images

City Skies Berlin series

Glasgow polaroids

Rest and Be Thankful, oil paintings diptych by Sarah Kudirka, award winning contemporary artist

Rest and Be Thankful

Waves Weave

Dialogue (Post-colonial)

Block (Post-colonial)

Machine (Post-Colonial)


Reliquaries 1

Reliquaries I

Reliquaries II

HiddenLaneColours #112

HiddenLaneColours #111

HiddenLaneColours #64 #63

HiddenLaneColours #51

oil on instax abstracts by Sarah Kudirka, artist, mounted in four line grid on white wall

Hidden Lane Colours

City Skies, 8 paintings on polaroids by artist Sarah Kudirka

City Skies London – Fringes

oil paintings on polaroids by Sarah Kudirka

City Skies London – Sunshine

City Skies London – Square Mile

City Skies 16 painted images in grid

City Skies London – East

Belongings series 3, 4, 5, 2002, each 50 x 100 cm

Belongings series 3, 4, 5, 2002

Architecture 2005

Architecture 2005

Shallow (Sometimes)

Good, painting, 2008


Inventory Landscape 2009, Paintings, Sarah Kudirka Davenport

Inventory Landscape

Sarah Davenport, Inventory I, oil and ink on canvas, 61x91.5cm, 2009

Inventory I

Sarah Davenport, Inventory II, oil and ink on canvas, 61x91.5cm, 2009

Inventory II

Sarah Davenport, Collective, oil and ink on canvas, 85x195.5cm, 2010


Shapes and edges

Standing together, staying ourselves

Dropping stitches and catching on

No overlaps and no connections

Leave room for others to stand

We are all beautiful bubbles (and would pop without each other)

We’re all so special


City Skies Dundee #1

City Skies Dundee #2

City Skies Dundee #3

City Skies Dundee #4

City Skies Glasgow #23

City Skies Glasgow #20

City Skies Glasgow #17

General (Selling Colours to Pinochet)